About Our School

Orrvale Primary School is three kilometres east of Shepparton. There are 400 students at the school from diverse cultures drawn from the surrounding rural area and Shepparton.

Where We Are

Orrvale Primary School is located three kilometres east of Shepparton in the Goulburn Valley. Orrvale is considered a rural area taking in many orchards…

Our Values

Our philosophy is based firmly on the belief that each student has the ability to learn in a positive, happy, caring and engaging environment that has…

Orrvale is a large school providing the advantages of a rural environment with a strong family atmosphere ensuring students and staff are known and valued by each other.

The school's stimulating environment allows students to:

  • think clearly, independently and critically;
  • develop a sense of identity, achievement and worth;
  • co-operate, share and work with others;
  • be tolerant of other ways of thinking and behaving;
  • experience technologies that will prepare them for 21st Century learning.
  • become self-extending learners;
  • interact with students from other schools in sporting activities.

Parents play a strong role in the school community through School Council and sub-committees, Parents/Friends Club, curriculum programs and fund-raising activities. The school is an active member of a local network of primary and secondary schools. A blend of youth and experience has encouraged a renewed freshness and enthusiasm among all staff.

The school offers programs in accordance with the Victorian Essential Learning Standards. In addition, special programs are developed to address and reflect student needs. See Curriculum for details.

Our Curriculum is delivered using a variety of teaching and learning strategies, including cross-age tutoring, co-operative learning and team teaching. Orrvale is seen as leading the way when it comes to science and technology and implementing components of the 'Schools of the Future' program such as Early Years Literacy and Numeracy and Middle Years of Schooling. The school has an extensive computer network which provides in-class access to the school intranet and the internet.