At Orrvale Primary School we encourage our students to believe that there is a mathematician in all of us.

As mathematicians we:

  • value engaging and challenging mathematics with an emphasis on embracing mistakes and solving problems together.
  • provide experiences before explanation to explore our learning.
  • consolidate our understanding by making connections to the real world through relevant, open ended and rich tasks

Our Vision

Encouraging students to problem solve and reason to improve mathematical understanding and fluency.

Our Tasks

  • Mathematical Game
  • Rich Task
  • Challenging Task
  • Problem Solving Task

The Proficiencies of Mathematics

The Victorian Curriculum: Mathematics identifies a reciprocal relationship between learning in mathematics and numeracy. This relationship is demonstrated in learning environments through the proficiencies.

There are four proficiencies of Mathematics: understanding, fluency, problem-solving and reasoning.

For additional information see Learning in Mathematics in the Victorian Curriculum.


Numeracy Support

For guides, assistance and advice with helping your child at home with numeracy, please visit the Birth to Level 10 Numeracy Guide.