Wellbeing at Orrvale Primary School

At Orrvale Primary School we believe that strong and consistent student engagement, wellbeing strategies and activities are vital for our students to develop their academic, social and emotional skills.

Emotional Intelligence (RULER)

Emotions drive learning, decision making, creativity, relationships and health.

All classroom teachers support these strategies through their daily teaching practises. The school also has a Wellbeing leader who coordinates the whole school approach as well as providing intensive support to families and children who require additional assistance. Our school Chaplain is also available each week to support families and community members.

Our student engagement policy identifies the rights and responsibilities of all of our school community members and highlights significant approaches to anti-bullying.

We have a range of student engagement programs which foster positive experiences and develop a range of social, emotional and academic skills. These programs include:

  • Structured lunchtime activities including; art and drawing, Lego, caring for chooks, imagination play, computer club and organised sport.
  • Drumbeat
  • Woodworking
  • Breakfast club (operates every morning form 8.30 – 8.50am)

We also provide a very full program of special events and extra curricula learning activities to support student engagement as well as promote community support. These include:

  • School camps for Grades 3-6
  • Incursion and excursions
  • Sleepover and stopover experiences for Grades Foundation – Two
  • Bi-annual Walk-a-thon
  • Bike Hike
  • Swimming program for Grades Foundation – Four
  • Yachting for Grades 5 and 6
  • End of year whole school concert