Digital Technologies

We strive to embed eLearning within every aspect of our teaching and learning. We wish to create an eLearning environment that will empower students to become responsible, critical, intuitive, skilful and sophisticated lifelong learners. This will prepare them for a technology rich future.

iPads @ Orrvale

Our iPad program helps students to engage in their learning using the tools and information they need at the press of a button.

Digital Literacy

A Computer Laboratory houses 24 desktop PCs for classes to use for teaching and testing purposes. Students take part in Digital Literacy lessons for an hour every fortnight, where students will have the opportunity to develop and improve their skills in Programming and Cyber Safety.

Student have access to a range of robotic equipment including Beebots, Spheros and Dash & Dot robots.

Below are some helpful links for parents to improve their own knowledge on ICT use.

iPad program

iPadClassrooms use computer and iPad technologies as a tool for learning.  A 1:1 iPad program operates from Grades 3-6, while Foundation to Grade 2 students have access to class sets of iPads.

This year, Orrvale will be providing educational apps through a school management system called Apple Schools. Therefore, most of the apps students will need are purchased and owned by the school. The apps will appear on your iPad through the school’s network.

More about the iPad Program