Emotional Intelligence (RULER)

Emotions drive learning, decision making, creativity, relationships and health. Orrvale Primary School implements the RULER evidence based approach for teaching emotional intelligence.

RULER stands for Recognising, Understanding, Labelling, Expressing, Regulating emotions. 

RULER is an evidence based approach which helps our students to develop the essential skills required for learning, decision making, physical and mental health and success in school and beyond.

The approach includes four ‘Anchors’ to assist students in developing their Emotional Intelligence. The Anchors of the RULER approach include the Class Charter, Mood Meter, Meta Moments and the Blueprint.

Class Charter

At the beginning of the year, every class will create a Class Charter. The class charter builds and sustains positive emotional climates by creating agreed-upon norms for how people want to feel, as well as how they can help each other to experience those feelings. 


Mood Meter

The Mood Meter enhances self and social awareness. This tool supports the development of extensive emotional vocabulary and a range of strategies for regulating emotions. At Orrvale Primary School, children will regularly refer to the Mood Meter to check in with their emotional state.

Meta Moment

A Meta Moment is a strategy available for students which helps them to regulate their emotions. As required, they may choose an appropriate strategy such as having a drink, taking a brain break, going for a quick walk or deep breathing.


The Blueprint is a tool that helps students solve problems, make good decisions, and resolve conflict or other challenges.

In the link below, shows an example of some basic Blueprint questions to form conversations and ultimately resolve conflict and or challenges.

Grade 1/2 EI Presentation
Grade 3/4 EI Presentation
Grade 5/6 EI Presentation